Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hackito Ergo Sum 2011

Last weekend I was in Paris, taking part of one of the most awesome security conferences worldwide.Talk about skill...

Three intense days full of technical talks, a wargame by Steven from OverTheWire with a really cool story behind. I was lucky to stay at deadbytes house and meet really skilled hackers from Europe. My sincere thanks to deadbyte, for letting so many people into his house and making  sure everybody was confortable, showing us the finest french cousine and hospitality.
I also got to stay at LeLoop, one of the most fantastic Hackerspaces i've been to. Five squared km occupied building, full of people from every spectrum of society.

HES 2011 rocked! And our team won the wargame, which was pretty cool.

Next year, I'm going. I am.