Sunday, January 10, 2016

ESP8266 Jamming

ESP8266 ESP-201 Remote Serial Port WIFI Transceiver Wireless ModuleThis weekend I finally managed to make time to play around with some ESP8266 based boards I had laying in my garage. I wanted to try and use them standalone, i.e., without any other micro controller like an Arduino or a RPI.
Also, for those of you that don't know my mindset, I was obviously wondering about the raw packet injection capability of the thing! Obviously...

Well, using Arduino IDE 1.6.5 and the additional board manager to program the ESP8266 chip, I made a small program to spam the aether with random beacon frames. It's mostly harmless, but it shows packet injection is working just fine.

I couldn't resist to make a small portable gadget just for the kicks:
WiFi Beacon Jam
(I know that powering the thing with a 9V battery is not a very smart thing to do, I made do with what I had in my garage. It's basically just the ESP8266, an external antenna and a battery)
It has only two functions: on and off. :)
Here's the result in my phone WiFi scanner, seems like a christmas tree:

As I said, this is mostly harmless. It's not a *real* jammer. But I can easily imagine pretty interesting times ahead with these little chips.
Possibilities are, as they should be, limitless!

Anyway, it was a fun weekend project.
You can fetch the code at GitHub here (warning: lazy code ahead)!