Sunday, January 10, 2016

ESP8266 Jamming

ESP8266 ESP-201 Remote Serial Port WIFI Transceiver Wireless ModuleThis weekend I finally managed to make time to play around with some ESP8266 based boards I had laying in my garage. I wanted to try and use them standalone, i.e., without any other micro controller like an Arduino or a RPI.
Also, for those of you that don't know my mindset, I was obviously wondering about the raw packet injection capability of the thing! Obviously...

Well, using Arduino IDE 1.6.5 and the additional board manager to program the ESP8266 chip, I made a small program to spam the aether with random beacon frames. It's mostly harmless, but it shows packet injection is working just fine.

I couldn't resist to make a small portable gadget just for the kicks:
WiFi Beacon Jam
(I know that powering the thing with a 9V battery is not a very smart thing to do, I made do with what I had in my garage. It's basically just the ESP8266, an external antenna and a battery)
It has only two functions: on and off. :)
Here's the result in my phone WiFi scanner, seems like a christmas tree:

As I said, this is mostly harmless. It's not a *real* jammer. But I can easily imagine pretty interesting times ahead with these little chips.
Possibilities are, as they should be, limitless!

Anyway, it was a fun weekend project.
You can fetch the code at GitHub here (warning: lazy code ahead)!


  1. How can we use pre-defined SSID?
    Can you show some example?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. #include < ESP8266WiFi.h >

      extern "C" {
        #include "user_interface.h"

      byte channel;

      uint16_t beaconPacket(uint8_t* output, uint8_t channel, uint8_t* mac, String& ssid){
        *(output++) = 0x80;
        *(output++) = 0x00;
        *(output++) = 0x00;
        *(output++) = 0x00;
        *(output++) = 0xFF; *(output++) = 0xFF; *(output++) = 0xFF; // DA
        *(output++) = 0xFF; *(output++) = 0xFF; *(output++) = 0xFF;
        for (uint8_t i=0; i<6; i++) *(output++) = mac[i];           // SA
        for (uint8_t i=0; i<6; i++) *(output++) = mac[i];           // BSS ID
        *(output++) = 0xC0; *(output++) = 0x6C;                     // Seq-ctl

        *(output++) = 0x83; *(output++) = 0x51; *(output++) = 0xF7; *(output++) = 0x8F; // timestamp
        *(output++) = 0x0F; *(output++) = 0x00; *(output++) = 0x00; *(output++) = 0x00;

        *(output++) = 0x64; *(output++) = 0x00;                     // Beacon interval
        *(output++) = 0x01; *(output++) = 0x04;                     // Capability info  0x01 0x04
        uint16_t ssid_amount = ssid.length();
        *(output++) = 0; *(output++) = ssid_amount;                 // 0 = SSID, length = ssid length

        for (uint16_t i=0; i < ssid_amount; i++){
          *(output++) = ssid[i];

        *(output++) = 0x01; *(output++) = 0x08;                     // 1 = supported rates, length = 8
        *(output++) = 0x82; *(output++) = 0x84; *(output++) = 0x8B; *(output++) = 0x96;
        *(output++) = 0x24; *(output++) = 0x30; *(output++) = 0x48; *(output++) = 0x6C;
        *(output++) = 0x03; *(output++) = 0x01; *(output++) = channel; // 3 = DSPS/channel, length = 1

        uint16_t returnValue = 51 +ssid_amount;
        return returnValue;

      void setup() {

      void loop() {
          channel = random(1,12); 
          uint8_t beaconMAC[6];
          beaconMAC[0] = random(256);
          beaconMAC[1] = random(256);
          beaconMAC[2] = random(256);
          beaconMAC[3] = random(256);
          beaconMAC[4] = random(256);
          beaconMAC[5] = random(256);

          String ssid = "Test SSID";

          uint8_t  beaconData[128];
          uint16_t packetSize = beaconPacket(beaconData, channel, beaconMAC, ssid);
          wifi_send_pkt_freedom(beaconData, packetSize, 0);
          wifi_send_pkt_freedom(beaconData, packetSize, 0);
          wifi_send_pkt_freedom(beaconData, packetSize, 0);

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  2. okey i found solution how to use pre-defined SSID but i have no idea how to extend them to more that 6 characters.
    why help ?

    1. You can find a complete explanation here:

  3. offset 36 and offset 37 are the length of the SSID

    1. 36 = Element ID, 0 means ssid element
      37 = Element length, in this case: ssid length
      38-43 = the ssid string
      44 = Element ID, 1 means supported rates
      45 = Element length, 8 supported rates
      46-53 = list of supported rates
      54 = Element ID, 3 means wifi channel
      55 = Element length, 1 byte channel
      56 = wifi channel

      See page 5:
      And here:
      "Element ID is 0 for the SSID IE. SSID could have maximum of 32 characters."

  4. offset 36 and offset 37 are the length of the SSID

  5. Cool stuff. Kudos for keeping it simple and sweet. This is going to drive my WiFi monitoring team mad.... Houston we have a problem new access points popping up all the time. Oh the sweet madness...

    Lol seriously this has some interesting applications though.

  6. you've got 2 small k in your alfa string.
    I love the lazy way to create the ssid

  7. How do you set the 802.11 data rate? This method transmits data at the slowest rate of 1 Mbps which completely saturates radio air time.

  8. I suppose you can use function 'wifi_set_user_sup_rate' or 'wifi_set_user_fixed_rate'

    Take a look at the SDK Programming Guide here:

  9. i can`t get the wifi_send_pkt_freedom to work on my IDE...

  10. i can`t get the wifi_send_pkt_freedom to work on my IDE...

  11. i had the following erro.

    sketch\Attack.cpp: In member function 'bool Attack::send()':

    Attack.cpp:109: error: 'wifi_send_pkt_freedom' was not declared in this scope

    if (wifi_send_pkt_freedom(packet, packetSize, 0) == -1) {


    exit status 1
    'wifi_send_pkt_freedom' was not declared in this scope

    what i can do

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