Thursday, October 19, 2017

Experience with Coinhive

It seems a study found out that around 500 million users are mining crypto currencies without even knowing it.
Can this be the future of the adless Internet?
Is it profitable with a low traffic blog like this one?
I'll be running an experience with Coinhive for a while on this blog and post the results as comments. This means you will be mining for the experience while browsing this blog!

Meanwhile, thank you for your CPU time!


This experience started in October 18, 2017. Today, November 13, almost a month later I got my first official "complaint" about the mining in a MicLoc comment. Maybe the user has not noticed this post before. In any case, I'm removing the miner and end the experiment (and all ads from the blog). I already have a clear notion on the results:

Today, XMR was trading around 125$. This yielded around 0.035$ a day on my slow traffic website. My monthly adwords revenue is 0.05$

Is the age of the ads in the Internet coming to an end? I don't think so, not yet. There are too many advertising channels, many not miner friendly.
But I'm betting this mining websites will grow exponentially pretty soon.


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